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Oct. 27th, 2011

So I'm looking at [info]redwagon, this PSL/Game type thing that [info]guerilla_radio mentioned on her journal. I have been thinking for a while that I'd like this concept, plus it has mutant powers along with circus excitement and I think it could be just the thing for my game ennui right now. I have a couple of ideas for chars but wanted to know if anyone wanted to plot relationships, etc with me?

One idea is half of a couple that is one of the sideshow acts, either the sword swallowers, contortionist, knife thrower and assistant, fire eaters, maybe the tattoo lady to the strong man type of thing? High Wire act in the Big Top? IDK I'm flexible. In reading the game premise I had a pretty good idea/thought that I think would totally work with a line I played ages ago and that never really got to play/panned out.) Possible PB would be Maggie Gyllenhaal (if it's the tattoo'd lady. I've also looked at Tallulah Riley and a couple of other people but would have to know what I'd be playing before I decided for sure.) I think she'd be deaf but have a cool power depending on what her job was. Maybe read people's thoughts for some of them or stretching/fire/whatever.

If that doesn't work out or even if it does. I also had an idea for a Cooch Girl or a Bally Broad Pb'd by Abbie Cornish. I was thinking maybe she could be a sister/daughter/whatever of someone else in the game. She could also potentially be an Illusionist's assistant. I know what her power would be too which would have some good possibilities for her being kind of a thief too in the towns they go in (namely the power to walk through walls, etc a'la Kitty Pride).

And lastly an idea for either an animal handler OR a roustabout/porter PBd by Ehren McGhehey aka Gator's PB from MP. Not really a character reboot but there would definitely be some similarities. Power would depend on what role I decide on for him. Brother? Cousin? Anyone interested?? I'm totally up for playing with someone I haven't played with much before too so don't be shy.

Apr. 6th, 2011

Poll #6729 Odds Questions
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How would you like to see holds for next round?

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The same as previous, first come first serve.
2 (8.0%)

A "reaping" where each players submits three or four concepts/districts and each tribute is randomly chosen from these.
15 (60.0%)

Regular Holds, but with the option to have a second choice.
16 (64.0%)

Regular Holds with challenges.
1 (4.0%)

Other... Comment with suggstions.
1 (4.0%)

How would you like the Tributes who are Cornucopia Fodder to work?

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Be noted on the holds page and chosen randomly.
8 (32.0%)

Be randomly chosen and kept secret from everyone until the Cornucopia notifications.
2 (8.0%)

Be secret and randomly chosen but players may volunteer to die at the cornucopia if they so choose.
17 (68.0%)

Are you happy with how the Sponsor System has worked.

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Yes, it's great!
22 (84.6%)

No, I have been unhappy because ... too many people got gifts.
3 (11.5%)

No, I have been unhappy because ... not enough opportunity for gifts.
2 (7.7%)

What sponsor bucks system?
2 (7.7%)

How have you felt about the points system for activity?

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I don't think there is enough penalty for decreased activity.
3 (11.5%)

It's about right.
15 (57.7%)

I think we should go back to seven points a week.
4 (15.4%)

I don't think there is enough reward for activity.
3 (11.5%)

Both a and d.
8 (30.8%)

The next two rounds will be planned and cast simultaneously. Do you plan to participate in ...

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Both Rounds!
15 (62.5%)

One or the other!
8 (33.3%)

I do not intend to participate at all.
1 (4.2%)

Why can't I play Katniss?
5 (20.8%)

Finally! The next two rounds will be UBER SHORT and the winners will be Seeder and Woof. Do you ...

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I want to have no activity points these rounds.
13 (52.0%)

I want to have activity points these rounds!
12 (48.0%)

Jul. 19th, 2009

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